Finger Lakes Fly Fishing

Fingerlakes Fly Fishing

Full Day (8 hours) 1 angler $300 / each additional angler $50
Half Day (4 hours) 1 angler $200 / each additional angler $50

Before the trip you need to have:
1. New York state fishing license
2. Polarized Sun glasses
3. Waders

We provide fly rod and flies for your use at no charge.
Lunch, snacks and water is also included at no charge.

*Catch and release is mandatory on guided trips

“Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once.” – Lee Wulf

Why hire a guide?

You will simply catch fish and become a better fly fisherman.

If you are here on vacation why not enjoy being on a beautiful

trout stream. If you are local learn about where the fish are.

We have gotten many people hooked on Fly Fishing!
We cater to all experience levels from beginner to expert.

Find out where the trout are.

Call (607) 882-1647

Guided Fly Fishing trips Ithaca/Watkins Glen and throughout the Finger Lakes region



Unique private quiet peaceful experience

Secluded on top of a hill nestled in the woods.
 Has Tiger trout, Brown trout, Brook trout and Rainbow trout.  
Most  trout are 16 to 20 inches and some bigger 
You are the only one there when you reserve it.
   $100 for half day 
Below is a brown trout from the pond

Call (607) 882-1647
Guided Fly Fishing Trips throughout the Ithaca\ Watkins Glen Finger Lakes Region.